Preparing For Back To School

colored_pencils_and_brushes_vector_291886This is our first year of going through the “Back To School” mayhem. Although it doesn’t really feel like “Back To School” since we went through the summer program at pre-school. We get one week day off and than the school year officially starts. But I find myself looking back to last year and thinking of all the things I wish I had done to prepare better. Mainly preparing snacks and  meals ahead of time to make the mornings and lunch making easier. During these warm summer months, meals have been simple and light. Cold cuts, crackers, fresh veggies and fruit have been a lunch time favorite over the last few months. But as HOT as it still is here in California, winter is coming and it will be here before we know it. And with it comes the longing for warm, hearty comfort meals. Even though I am a stay at home mom and I enjoy cooking and being in the Kitchen, the last thing I want to happen on a daily basis is to be stuck in the Kitchen preparing meals all day long. So, this year, I am making a point to prep as much as I can before school starts. I am also going to make a point to Prep meals in advance on a weekly basis to make the weekdays a little easier. Some bulk meals that I plan on preparing and freezing are: 1. Spaghetti Sauce– We LOVE Spaghetti. Especially during the winter. I tend to make big batches and freeze the sauce in quart size freezer bags. I used the last of the sauce I had in the freezer this week, so I will be sure to make a big batch in the next couple weeks to get us through a few months. 2. Breakfast Burritos– These are so easy to make. They are filling and really satisfying. I’ve switched to using Low Carb tortillas and they are still delicious. 3. Breakfast Muffins- Ok, these are actually little mini quiche’s that we found on Pinterest but we call them Breakfast muffins in our house. It’s the only way we can get our daughter to eat them 😉 4. Mini Muffins- I love making mini muffins because they are the perfect size for my 3 year old (Recipes coming soon)They fit nicely in her lunch box and they are also easy for her to hold on to. I make a few dozen at a time and keep them in zip lock bags in the freezer. They only take 30 minutes or so to defrost. They are filling, wholesome and delicious and they make great snacks. 5. Chicken Stock– This is our go to during the cold winter months. If someone isn’t feeling well it is so nice to go to the freezer, pull out some homemade stock and quickly make a soup. This is a staple I keep on hand all winter long. 6. Frozen Burritos– Unlike the Breakfast Burritos, these can be made with steak, beef, chicken or even vegetarian. They are convenient, they heat up fast in the microwave and they make a great light lunch. As with the Breakfast Burritos I have also switched to using Low Carb tortillas to make these. Some meals that I plan to prep on a weekly basis are: 1. Breakfast meats- Cooking up bacon, sausage and ham and keeping them in a container in the refrigerator are a great way to save time in the mornings. 2. Pancakes and waffles- These can be made in big bulk batches and stored in the freezer, or you can make smaller batches and keep them in the fridge. 3. Cut up fresh veggies and fruit and keep in a container to easily pack lunches or use as snacks. 4. We are a family who really enjoys salad. This includes tuna, chicken, egg salad, shrimp salads etc… So I also plan to make one kind of these salads a week and keep them on hand in the fridge. They can be added to a green salad, or rolled in a tortilla for a warp, or put on bread for a sandwich or even eaten as a snack with veggies or crackers. What are some things that you do to make the transition of going back to school easier? Please share below =)


  1. Kimberly Scanlon says:

    I would LOVE to see your mini muffin recipes when you post them. One thing I have been trying to do is organize our family command center because paper tends to accumulate in our household.

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