Our Decision to Homeschool!!!

I know, I know! This is huge. And to many people it may come as a bit of a shock. But let me just say that my husband and I did not wake up one morning and say, “Hey! Let’s homeschool!” We have been married for seven and a half years, and we knew we wanted to homeschool our children before we even said “I DO.” It was a discussion that we had early on in our relationship and we have pretty much always known that this was what we wanted for our children. So why have we chosen to homeschool? Keep reading and I will answer some of the most common questions I have gotten regarding our decision…

1.If you’re going to homeschool, why did you put your daughter in Pre-School?

There are actually two answers to this question. One is, to be completely honest, when my daughter turned two years old, I was doubting my ability to homeschool her. My daughter is very strong willed and I just wasn’t sure if I could handle it. But as the years have past and now that she’s five, I have learned how to handle her personality and have learned how to talk to her in a way that she will listen and not become upset and defiant when I ask her to do a task. I now feel very confident that I can homeschool her.

The second answer to this question is that I am a strong believer that early childhood education is extremely important. Now, I am not saying that if you choose to homeschool you need to put your pre-school aged child in pre-school. I simply felt that pre-school teachers are able to teach early childhood education better than I can. I do not regret our decision to put our daughter in pre-school at all. We have made amazing friends through her pre-school and if I could go back I would still choose to put her in pre-school. Now, as for when my son reaches pre-school age… Yes, I will most likely be putting him in pre-school too =)

2. But you live in an amazing school district. Why homeschool?

This is very true. We do live in an incredible school district. And if I wasn’t able to teach my children than I am absolutely confident that they would excel and do great in our local public schools. However, my husband and I strongly feel that children today are taught the basics and bare minimums in order to pass the yearly exams. This is not what we want for our children. We want them to be challenged more. We do not want them to learn what they are told to learn so they can pass a test. But most importantly, in addition to learning core subjects, Reading, Writing, Math, History and Science, we want them to be able to explore their interests without restrictions. If our kids are loving a particular subject I want to give them more of it and not tell them that it is time to move on because time does not allow them to explore more.

3. Don’t you need special training in order to teach your children?

No! You do not need special training in order to teach your children. However, you should always consult your local State laws for homeschool to see if there is anything you need to submit. I know some states require a copy of the homeschooling parent (s) high school diploma. But where I live in CA, all we need to do is submit a Letter of Intent each year. But, again. Always consult your local homeschool laws for your state.

4. What about Socialization?

I’ll be honest. I have very strong opinions about this topic and I could go on and on. But, to keep this short and sweet, we are not worried about the socialization topic at all. My daughter has friends who she sees outside of school on a regular basis. She also attends dance and piano lessons regularly as well. My husband and I are also very outgoing people and we enjoy being around other kids and family. So, no. We are not worried about socialization.

Lastly, we want more time with our children. Family is very important to us. My husband works and travels a lot. So, when we are all home, we make the most of it. And being home together with our kids and teaching them and all of us learning as a family is something that we are very much looking forward to =)

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