Life Update!!!

Hello Friends! It has been forever since I have written a post. It was not intentional in any way. We had a lot of changes take place since my last post. For one, we had a BABY! Baby Nathaniel joined our family in July 2016. He is perfect and the sweetest little thing.

If you follow me on any of my social media or on YouTube, you probably already know the reason I took a long break from blogging and posting YouTube videos. We found out last March that our baby boy would be born with a heart defect. A condition that I will devote a separate post to in the coming weeks, going into more detail as to what the condition is and the steps we will be taking this year to correct it.

While on my hiatus, I have been doing a LOT of thinking regarding the direction that I want to take this blog and my YouTube channel in. You probably already noticed the name change to the blog! In short, I really wanted to have a name that I could use for a long time. A name that would encompass all the plans and ideas that I have for this blog. I spent a lot of time soul searching and one night it just hit me! We have always called our kids our Bumbles. It’s a nickname  my husband started calling our daughter when she was a baby and it has stuck. So, it just felt right to change the name to Raising Bumbles. I am very happy with the change and I hope you all enjoy it too!

As for the plans I have for this site; I am so excited to begin working on some new endeavors. I will reveal those slowly as they come to fruition and I hope you will enjoy them with me =)

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