How I Prepared for Baby #2

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When we were expecting our second child I knew I wanted life to be as stress free as possible once we came home from the hospital. However, with my second pregnancy, I was so much more exhausted than I was with my first baby. On top of it all, I was in a lot more pain! My back, hips, feet, pelvis… Everything hurt! I’m sure it had a lot to do with me chasing around our then 4 year old all day =)

There were three things that were important to me to have the house ready and help all of us have as much of a relaxed time after the baby came home as possible.

First, Cleaning! I hate having a messy home. Although I have learned that having children just means that the house is always somewhat of a mess, LOL. It was still important to me to have the house put together and cleaned regularly. So, I focused on tackling one room each day of the week. And if I wasn’t up for heavy cleaning, I would just to the bare minimum. I.e., picking up, dusting and vacuuming. I also implemented a nightly routine where I would make sure all the dishes were cleaned or in the dishwasher and the counters were wiped down. No matter how tired I was, I almost always made sure this was done each night.

As I got closer to my delivery, I was fortunate enough to have a good friend recommend a house cleaner. I soon as I met I knew she was going to work out great and her pricing was not that bad. So I hired her! At first I had her come twice a month, and once I had the baby, I had her come every week for a couple months. I still have her clean about once a month. I know it is not feasible for everyone to hire a house cleaner. I certainly had no intentions of hiring one until I met her and found out what she charged. Had I not hired her I would have done what I did after my first baby was born, and just let the house go and continue with working on one room a day once I had my energy back.

Second, Groceries! We were so fortunate to have wonderful family and friends bring us food after the birth of both of our kids. One friend brought us a Costco pizza! We ate for days! It was great =) I also had our local grocery store deliver food to our house. It was just so convenient. Our local store offers free delivery during specific times, so I would choose those times and not have to worry about the extra delivery charge!

Third, Cooking! I knew I would not want to cook. And I didn’t want my husband to have to worry about meals too much. He gets up with the kids with me, so he was just as tired as I was those first weeks. I spent a lot of time researching food delivery companies. My one requirement was, I wanted the meals to be ready made and as healthy as possible. That meant,, companies like Blue Apron (which I have tired and love) would not be feasible. I just did not want to have to worry about preparing anything! With my first baby, I was able to stock my freezer and we ate freezer meals for about a month after she was born. But with my second, it just didn’t happen. Life happened and we just had to roll with it. Also, since we didn’t know if Nathaniel would be coming home with me from the hospital or if he would have to stay in the NICU after I was discharged, I wanted meals that we could warm up and have quickly and easily.

I was so happy when I found Freshly! Their meals are so good. They are healthy, and all you need to do is warm them up in the microwave. I ordered a few boxes while I was pregnant just to make sure we liked them. When we tired them and loved them I made sure I always had a shipment on it’s way to us each week for the first couple months. It was a huge blessing to have those meals and know that they were ready to go and healthy!

Those were my three must haves that I needed to help me feel as relaxed and stress free as possible when bringing home our new baby. What were yours. Share them with me below in the comments =)

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