Easter Egg Fillers-Choosing Healthier Options

I can’t believe this is going to be our fifth year celebrating Easter as a family! It is also Nathaniel’s first Easter! Time has flown by and once again, the holiday has snuck up on me. Even though Easter is now only three days away, I still commit to our tradition of not buying tons of candy and sweets for Easter baskets and eggs. For Noelle’s first Easter, I made a decision to fill her Easter eggs with more than just candy and I enjoy finding fun goodies to fill her eggs with each year.

In years past I have filled Easter eggs with costume jewelry, socks, stickers, etc… This year I completely forgot to start looking for egg fillers early on. So, I am sticking to mostly edible treats this year. And though we have started to incorporate some sweets into the eggs as she has gotten older, the fillers I have chosen for this year are still mostly healthy options. So lets get started!

First, I always put the treats, or anything that can fall and scatter when the eggs are opened up, into a snack size zip lock bags. I squeeze the air out and roll them up before stuffing the eggs. This way, if they do fall out when the eggs are opened, nothing gets dirty! This also helps if you plan on hiding the eggs outside, it will help keep little critters away =)

Some healthier options that I have chosen this year are Goldfish crackers, mini pretzel chips, trail mix, cereal, and something new this year that I haven’t done before, I’m including some mini snack size blueberry muffins.

The “treats” that I am including this year are some Easter Themed M&M’s and some of her favorite fruit snacks!

And of course you can never go wrong with including a little money in your eggs too =)

In the past I have also filled them with raisins, animal crackers, erasers and mini bottles of bubbles that you can get at the party supply store. These are just a few examples of what you can fill your Easter eggs with! Get creative! I love watching Noelle open all of her eggs. She never knows what treasures she’s going to find. Happy Easter!


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